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Hi, MIttmaster Fan

I want to share my secret to success as a martial arts instructor. It's the same secret that will take your students from good to great.

However, it's probably not what you think ... but if you miss this key element you will be failing your students and limit the success of your business.

It's not teaching awesome classes.

It's not being a great marketer or sales person.

And it's not about being friendly and welcoming to your students.


Although, these elements all play a role in what I want to share with you. You see, the secret to your success and the success of your students is:

You have to keep your students training as long as possible.

For your students, the longer they train with you, the more fitness benefits they will get and the more martial skill they will develop.

And for you, as the instructor or school owner, the longer the student trains, the more successful your business will be.


Unfortunately, a lot of instructors struggle to keep students training long term and end up on the “never-ending treadmill”, searching for new students to replace the ones that quit.


But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, with a few simple tweaks, any instructor can keep their students happy and coming back time after time.

And that’s where the MittMaster Online Certification will help.

You see, after countless years of teaching and training, I realised there are THREE key elements in teaching successful classes and keeping your students training long term.


Firstly, despite what your students might say, they need STRUCTURE.
Structure will make them feel comfortable in class, and confident in their techniques
. Students like to feel confident and certain when they come to class in order to learn. So, you need to ensure that your lessons retain a consistent structure.

Secondly, your students need VARIETY.
While students like structure they also crave variety (or they become bored). But that variety should not be a random drill or technique you find on YouTube.

Variations should always be integrated with the overall structure so that the student understands how it all fits together.

Finally, your students need to ENJOY their training.
Even the most committed martial artist will struggle to stick to training long term if they're not enjoying themselves.


To overcome these problems in my school, I created the MittMaster system. I poured my 30 years’ experience into making the system structured, easy to use, and fun.

Once I introduced the system to my students, two awesome things happened:attendance went up and so did the skill level of my students.

Until now, I’ve held off from producing a MittMaster certification, and only released selected parts of the system.


However, I’ve now received so many requests for a certification that I had to do it (thanks for nagging me guys). After a year’s planning, filming, editing, re-editing, tweaking and stress, the MittMaster Level One Certification is now ready.

And I want you to try it out for FREE.


But before we get into that, I want to share with you exactly what’s included in the MittMaster Certification.



Everything you need to complete the certification is online. This means anyone, anywhere in the world can train to become a Mittmaster Coach. As soon as you create your online account, you’ll be able to access the material on any device (mobile or desktop), at any time, and work through the course at your pace.

You can sign up here now:

Even better, the software will automatically pick up where you left off,regardless of the device you last used. For example, if you’re using a laptop and then go out, you can continue at the same point on your smartphone.

This means you'll never lose your place and waste time trying to remember where you left off.

Neat eh?


Plus, once you finish a particular module the software will let you know you’ve completed that section and move you onto the next part.

And of course all the course videos and manuals are downloadable. You can print the manuals and download the videos, so you can study when you can’t get online.

Easy To Learn and Low Cost

To make the system easier to learn, to keep the costs low, and to weed out any time wasters who are only interested in collecting certificates, I have split the certification into two levels.


The Level One Certification (aka “MittMaster In Training) covers the core MittMaster drills and concepts, and includes:

  • Comprehensive instructional videos so you can see how to teach the techniques and drills.
  • Detailed concept manuals that complement the instructional videos and will increase your learning speed.
  • Audio files to listen to when you can't read or watch a video.
  • Discussion forums so you can get answers to your questions quickly and discuss the best way to teach.
  • EXTRA bonus materials to help you become the best coach possible.


Here’s a complete breakdown of the Level One course modules:


Module 1: Course manual and video

This first module includes the course manual where I teach you the core ideas, concepts and methods used in the MittMaster system. If you prefer to watch a video, there are also video breakdowns of the manual as well.


Module 2: Striking Videos

This module covers all the striking techniques required for level 1. It includes all the basic punching and kicking skills you'll need to help your students become dynamic strikers.


Module 3: Variations

The third module focuses on teaching variations of the basic techniques. We look at variations for all the basic punches and kicks (because disguised repetition is the key to getting your students good without them doing the same boring drills.)


Module 4: Defence

We focus on defensive skills in this module and will cover all the basic strategies for defending punches and kicks. After all, a strong defence is the best offence.


Module 5: Go Pro

Thanks to the GoPro Camera, you will get to see me teach the Level One material from my perspective as pad holder. You will be able to see exactly where I place the pads to create a realistic target and how I work my students to get the most out of them.


Module 6: Lesson Planning

You may have heard the phrase, “fail to plan, and plan to fail”? This phrase is never truer than when teaching a martial arts class. In Module 6, we’ll look at the reasons why you ABSOLUTELY have to plan your lessons and a simple formula for teaching great lessons every time.

Module 7: Business skills

Module 7 looks at business skills. Although you're not required to complete this module for the certification, I thought it would be useful for many coaches and instructors.

In this module, I outline many of the systems and tactics I've used to grow my school into a successful, enjoyable business.

As a bonus, in this module, you'll get a FREE copy of my 130 page eBook “Black Belt Biz”


Module 8: Testing

The final module looks at how to test, get certified and your next steps on your MittMaster journey.

Once you have completed the Level One Certification and passed the video test, you will be awarded the certification as a

"Mittmaster In Training"

Completing the Level One Certification will entitle you to use the MittMaster In Training logo and all the promotional materials to advertise your awesome pad skills.


Plus you will then be able to start your training to become a full MittMaster coach by taking the Level Two Certification.


The LEVEL TWO CERTIFICATION (aka MittMaster Coach) is a much more in-depth training programme and take you and your student’s skills to a higher level. It will cover:

  • Intermediate pad drills
  • Advanced pad drills
  • Advanced coaching techniques
  • Personalising the material to your client
  • Class structure and management
  • Program design for retention
  • Ring craft for the ring and cage
  • Fighter specific drills (Boxing, Muay Thai & MMA)
  • Advanced pad holding skills and progressions


And a whole lot more…


When you complete Level Two and pass the written and video tests, you will be recognised as a full Mittmaster Coach.


But remember, you have to complete Level One before you can join the Level Two Course!!!


As this is the first time I’ve done anything like this, I wanted to make it easily accessible to everyone. So, the first 25 people can get the Level One certification for only £99 (that’s about $132 if you prefer)


(US customers: Unfortunately the online payment portal doesn’t allow me to offer you a price in US $. But don’t worry, the payment processor will automatically convert the pounds into dollars when you pay.)


After the first 25 students, the price will increase.


Your investment includes:

  • Lifetime access to the Level One online material
  • Lifetime updates to the Level One material (the system is constantly evolving)
  • Download everything at any time (learn when offline)
  • Free online testing for the Level One certification
  • Unlimited re-tests if you are not successful the first time around
  • Access to the discussion forum within the course so you can ask questions, get help and share your experiences with other students. (this is priceless, as you get to help and share with other likeminded martial artists)


And if you pass you will get:

  • A MittMaster In Training” certificate to display in your facility.
  • TheMittMaster In Training” logo to use on your website.
  • Your details will be added to the list of “MittMasters in Training” on the MittMaster website (along with your bio and school info).
  • Access to comprehensive lesson plans to help you teach using the MittMaster system immediately.
  • Access to my private Facebook instructors group where we discuss anything to do with martial arts, MittMaster, and business.


Please be aware that paying the fee for the certification DOES NOT guarantee you will pass the test.


I have high standards and will NOT certify anyone who cant hold pads to the required level. Don’t take this course if you are not serious or don’t want to put in the effort to elevate your pad holding.



I understand you may be a little unsure about taking an online certification, so I've made part of the Level One certification completely FREE.


This will give you a taste of how the material is presented, what you’ll learn, and let you play in the awesome online environment.

All you need to do is set up a free account and start training. It really is that easy.

Go here to set up your FREE account:

Once you’ve tried some of the course for free, you can upgrade your account at anytime and start working towards becoming a respected MittMaster Coach.


Let me know if you have any questions at

So, my only question is...

Are you ready to begin your journey to become a recognised MittMaster Coach?

I hope to see you on the inside.

MittMaster Matt